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Fire Alarm Services
Emergency Lights
Fire Extinguishers

Chilman Fire & Security have recently completed the Disabled Refuge and Emergency at SOAS University London 

We were instructed to centralise the disabled refuge system across all five buildings to the security hub and upgrade all Emergency Lighting to LED. We’ve also been awarded the maintenance along with the Fire Alarm System. SOAS have also upgraded all Fire Extinguisher to the Britannia P50 Extinguishers




  • Fire Alarm Services
  • Emergency Lights
  • Fire Extinguishers


SOAS University
Disabled Refuge Upgrade
Emergency Light Upgrade
Fire Extinguisher Replacement- P50s
The process

Chilman Fire & Security were instructed to upgrade the call stations in each of the 5 main buildings and network all buildings back to a central control panel in the security control room. The Disabled refuge system was stand-alone in all campus buildings, this could have caused a delay in support if an issue was to take place. 

Following then ongoing maintenance of the emergency light units and Fire alarm, due to the number of failed Emergency lights along with the number of florescent bulbs. We were instructed to upgrade all Emergency Lights to new LED lights. 

The result

The SOAS security team, were given direct control over the disabled refuge from all 5 buildings from the security hub. Allowing for fast and efficient communication with any disabled individuals within any of the buildings in the case of an emergency.

The Emergency light ensure good visibility throughout the building even if there was an incident on site. Personnel would be able to exit in the most efficient route, using the light provided.