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Fire Alarm Services

Chilman FIre and security have over 24 years installing and maintain fire alarm systems, at all types of premises. Our team will guide you through the design, installation and maintenance process. Get in touch to see how we can help you

Chilman Fire Alarm Services

Chilman Fire and Security is third-party BAFE SP203-1 accredited in design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance of a range of fire safety systems to meet your requirements. This includes main control panels, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and heat detection units.

Our company is audited by NSI, ensuring that our clients can enjoy the highest quality fire alarm projects certified to the latest British standards and legal requirements.

We employ a friendly, competent and efficient team of highly qualified BAFE registered fire alarm engineers. We also ensure a prompt service throughout your time working with us, from your initial telephone call all the way through to finishing the task.

Our engineers are not incentivised or paid any sales performance commissions, so there are no high-pressure sales tactics or overselling of products – just high quality, professional work.

We only supply the highest quality fire safety products to ensure reliability, durability and avoidance of false alarms. We believe in and deal with open protocol systems to ensure our clients have flexibility in the design, cost and maintenance of their systems.

Our fire alarm engineers are happy to advise you on the most suitable type of alarm for your home or business, replace your old alarm system and provide servicing, repair and maintenance of your existing alarm – whether or not it was initially installed by Chilman Fire and Security.

Types of Fire Alarm System

There are several types of fire security systems, which include:

Conventional Alarms – the main fire alarm control panel shows a selection of ‘zones’ that correspond to areas of the building. When a fire is detected, a specific zone will be highlighted on the control panel, providing a rough idea of the fires’ whereabouts.

Analogue Addressable Alarms – provide the exact location of a fire using a network of wired devices around the building, allowing for rapid detection and extinguishment of the fire. Best for larger buildings.

Addressable Alarms – similar to a conventional alarm, but these tell you exactly which detector or device in the building has been activated.

Wireless Alarm Systems – similar to analogue-addressable alarm systems, but do not require wires. Wireless radio-interlinked detectors and sensors feed back to the main control panel regarding the exact location of the fire.

For an effective fire alarm system, you also need a range of interconnected detectors and sensors. These can include:

  • heat detectors / heat alarms
  • smoke detectors / smoke alarms
  • emergency call-points
  • carbon monoxide alarms (CO alarms)

… all of which Chilman Fire and Security can design, install and service for you.

We will help you to decide on a suitable system and work with you through the installation process.

Fire Alarms Maintenance

Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to provide warning of the outbreak of fire, allow evacuation and prepare for appropriate firefighting action.

Our specialists are certified, fully qualified and BAFE registered – ensuring that outstanding service and maintenance accompany all of our installations. In addition to a complete fire protection service, Chilman Fire and Security offers a 24-hour emergency call-out service all under one point of contact.

Fire Alarm Installation

Our engineers are fully qualified, and Chilman Fire and Security is audited by NSI, which means that you will benefit from the best fire alarm installation and aftercare service.

Chilman Fire and Security design, install and maintain fire alarm systems under the BS5839-1:2017, mainly covering the South of the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking to design a completely new or updated fire alarm system or install a network of smoke alarms or heat detectors throughout your building, we are the point of contact for all your fire safety requirements.

1. Fire Alarm Design

A large home or office space would be safer having an analogue-addressable or wireless alarm system which tells you the exact location of the fire on the main control panel, having received information from various heat and smoke alarms located throughout the building.

On the other hand, a small residential property could suffice with a conventional alarm system set up in a central area of the house (such as the main entrance hallway), and added safety features throughout the property including smoke alarms and/or carbon monoxide alarms (CO alarms) in high fire risk areas such as the kitchen or utility room.

Having a suitable fire alarm and additional smoke and heat detection units in your property not only prevents a fire from escalating to potentially life-threatening levels, but also improves the ease and speed of fire detection, allowing you to utilise fire safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers and Automist) and call the necessary fire emergency services. Most importantly, fire alarms save lives.

As part of our alarm design process, we will conduct a site survey to work out the best system for you and your needs. Whether you would like us to design a brand new alarm or a modification to your existing one, you can guarantee that your design will conform to the highest standard British regulations and will be installed by an expert fire alarm engineer.

Contact Chilman Fire and Security today and let us design a specialist alarm set-up that works best for you.

2. Fire Alarm Quotation

Once our engineers have completed the design process, our office will prepare a quote that will take into account your budget and requirements for the type and category of the system required.

We will include preferred manufactures of products to suit you, and the system will carry a full 12-month warranty.

At Chilman Fire and Security, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, expert services at a fair and competitive rate.

Arrange a visit with an Chilman Fire and Security engineer today – contact us.

3. Fire Alarm Installation

An Chilman Fire and Security engineer will install your new alarm promptly and professionally, and test and commission the system on completion.

They will even provide you with full training on how the system works and leave instruction manuals, test keys and a Zone Chart.

Certificates are issued after each service, relating to the installed fire alarm, according to BS5839.

Any assistance is invoiced following the service visit. There are no upfront charges at Chilman Fire and Security.

4. Fire Alarm Maintenance

At Chilman Fire and Security, we only supply and install the highest quality EN3 products, providing our clients with easy-to-use and trouble-free systems that are reliable and stand the test of time.

However, if you should detect a fault with any of your alarms after installation, our fire alarm maintenance service will cover you with a 24/7 emergency call-out cover for rapid, efficient alarm repair.

Our engineers are experts at fault-finding and detection, meaning your alarm can be back up and running quickly. At Chilman Fire and Security, we take fire alarm repair seriously – your safety and security is our priority. Expect no delayed, rushed, unprofessional work or weak repair jobs – we provide the best repair and maintenance for our customers as standard.

As part of our fire alarm maintenance package, we provide regular servicing, repair and replacement of any faulty parts to ensure that your alarm is always performing to the highest standard possible, creating a safe living and working environment at all times.

Our fire alarm engineers are happy to work on alarm systems regardless of whether they were installed by Chilman Fire and Security or another company. They will walk you through any fault they find, suggesting the most effective repair plan and ideal parts to replace (if necessary) in order to keep your alarm functioning effectively for as long as possible.

Fire safety systems our team can work on:

  • Wireless / radio
  • Air sampling
  • Gas suppression
  • Analogue addressable
  • Non-analogue addressable

Effective maintenance involves a lot more than just changing a battery or pressing a test button on your control panel. Make sure that you’re in safe hands – let our Chilman Fire and Security experts take care of everything for you.

5. Fire Alarm Testing

Although Chilman Fire and Security offices are based in the South of the United Kingdom, our fire alarm engineers conduct over 10,000 test visits per year on a nationwide basis.

Our team keeps a wide range of clients across the UK safe and compliant. But don’t just take our word for it – see our case studies.

A fire alarm can be triggered by smoke detectors, heat alarms, CO alarms or an individual themselves by activating an emergency call-point. It is vital to test your fire and smoke alarms regularly to ensure that they are performing well. Even if just one alarm is faulty, the whole network is dangerously flawed and the consequences could be fatal.

Regular testing helps to identify possible faults with your system, allowing for rapid alarm repair. It also helps to prevent false alarms.

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