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Fire Risk Assessments

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Understanding Fire Risk – Why do I need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Organisations that employ five or more people are required by law to carry out documented health and safety risk assessments relating to various types of possible hazards, including fire hazards.

Chilman Fire & Security is an independent, third party accredited company, certificated to carry out Life Safety Fire Risk Assessments as a BAFE SP205 registered assessor.

The SP205 scheme was introduced to ensure the competence and reliability of a company commissioned to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. Our SSAIB third party certification, BAFE SP205, provides benchmark recognition of our company’s capability in providing high quality Fire Risk Assessments. It shows that we have the required technical and quality management competency, and that our assessors possess the relevant proficiency and knowledge to carry out assessments of fire safety and risk.

Chilman Fire & Security are proud to offer this third party regulated, quality fire safety service and guidance to our clients.

To comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is necessary to complete specific fire-related risk assessments. The evaluation considers all employees and any third parties that could be at risk from a fire within your premises.

The Order removes the fire certification regime in England and Wales, with fire safety now being based upon a risk regime.

  • The main pieces of legislation in the UK requiring employers to undertake fire risk assessments are the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
  • The process of carrying out a fire risk assessment is made up of several stages. These are as follows:
    • Establish the objectives of the assessment.
    • Identify any fire hazards.
    • Decide who might be harmed.
    • Evaluate the risks.
    • Record the findings.
    • Review the assessment.
  • Employers are required to conduct fire risk assessments at work in order to determine the appropriate level of fire safety measures necessary to control fire risks or the adequacy of their existing fire safety strategy.

If the person responsible for the fire risk assessment is not the employer, but the landlord, it is still the employer who is responsible for the workplace risk assessment of their (rented) part of the building. However, it is the landlord’s duty to carry out risk assessments for communal parts of the building. Basic fire training should be provided for all staff.

A hallway with a red fire door, a fire extinguisher and emergency lighting

These objectives and the Order itself are supported by UK law, making it a legal requirement for all non-domestic premises to have a complete and current Fire Risk Assessment.

Responsibility for complying with the Order rests with the “responsible person”. In a workplace, this is the employer or any other person who may have control of any part of the premises, e.g. the occupier or owner. In all other premises, the person or people in control of the premises will be responsible. If there is more than one responsible person in any type of premises (e.g. a multi-occupied complex), all must take reasonable steps to co-operate and co-ordinate with each other to achieve compliance with the regulations.

If you are the responsible person for the premises you must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment which focuses on the safety in case of fire for all relevant persons.

Your levels of fire safety will be assessed in relation to various factors such as:

  • Fire prevention (storage of combustible materials, safe disposal of flammable and dangerous substances, use of ignition sources and other precautions).
  • Fire detection (fire alarm systems and individual fire alarms).
  • Fire protection (fire doors, fire extinguishers, escape routes, etc.).

Who Should Complete the Fire Risk Assessment?

The Order states that to be compliant, a company is obliged to appoint a ‘competent’ person to carry out the Fire Risk Assessment.

The definition of a competent person is contained in the glossary of terms within the Order and is as follows: “a person with enough training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable them properly to assist in undertaking the preventative and protective measures”.

An empty warehouse with fire extinguishers attached to the pillars and a blue bin in the background

In the event of a fire, the content and quality of the Fire Risk Assessment, along with the preventative equipment and evacuation plan, will come under scrutiny from the Fire Officer, HSE, the Courts and your insurance company. That is why the Fire Risk Assessment from Chilman Fire & Security provides you with a framework to ensure that your business is fully compliant with the legislation and that you, your employees, and your business have sufficient protection in the emergency event of a fire.

Chilman Fire & Security are qualified to carry out your Fire Risk Assessment, which will be conducted by a competent fire risk assessor by identifying hazards and their related risks, and ensuring that your fire safety management meets legal requirements.

This will involve a thorough survey by the assessor of the premises, fire policies, practices and procedures so that a full report can be produced and delivered electronically to the client. We will also provide guidance on how to become compliant with fire safety legislation if any fire safety shortfalls are identified in the fire risk assessment report.

How often does a Fire Risk Assessment need to be done?

Your Fire Risk Assessment is a fluid document which should be reviewed on a regular basis. This should be done at least annually, but more frequently if there are any changes to the fabric of the building, use, number of persons etc. In the case of any significant changes, up-to-date fire safety training should be provided in case of emergency.

What will happen if I don’t have a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal obligation under the Fire Safety Reform Order 2005, so a company that does not have a Fire Risk Assessment is breaking the law. Its personnel can therefore risk being fined or even imprisoned following inspections and/or investigations by fire safety authorities.

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