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Intruder Alarms

At Chilman Fire & Security, we create bespoke Intruder Alarm systems – because securing your property and belongings matters most to us.

Technology You Can Trust

At Chilman Fire & Security we use the best intruder alarm systems - because securing your property and belongings matters most to us.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Your property and security requirements are unique to you, and that’s why all our intruder alarms are designed to suit your individual security needs.

Control At Your Fingertips

Fitted with large keypad buttons, our easy-to-use control panels allow you to activate or disarm the alarm system in just seconds.

Types of intruder alarm

1. Bells-only Intruder Alarm

When started, the audible alarm makes a high pitch noise, with the aim of scaring off the intruders or, alerting people in the area.

Most customers who own an intruder alarm have a bells-only one. This refers to an alarm that lets off a loud siren whenever movement is detected on the sensor. Bells-only alarms alert you and your neighbours to a potential home invasion taking place.

The area you live in determines if a bells-only alarm is suitable for your property. If you are not home, can you rely on the local neighbourhood watch to call the police?

  • You do not have to pay for a monitoring contract, and the loud siren is sure to alert you to an intruder.
  • No mobile alerts when the alarm is triggered – you are relying on your neighbours to hear it and immediately contact you. If nobody acts to stop a break-in, the alarm alone might not deter the intruders. There is also the risk of a false alarm being triggered by yourself or a family member.

2. Intruder Alarm Dialler

There are situations when neighbours are not available or able to let you know when the alarm is triggered. In that case you should consider investing in an auto dialler alarm.

With this type of alarm, the dialler contacts you or a nominated person when the alarm goes off, allowing you to contact the police or a neighbour with a key to investigate the issue.

Most diallers allow the client to programme between three to ten numbers which can be called if the alarm is triggered, which will be dialled in the priority order you set. The first person successfully contacted will be able to stop the rest of the numbers from being called unnecessarily.

  • No payment for a monitoring contract. You or the nominated person can be alerted when there is an intruder, which ensures that someone can investigate the issue. Also, additional detectors can be added to warn about other types of threats, such as fires.
  • May not be sufficient to prevent a burglary if you or your designated callers are away or unavailable to investigate the issue.

3. Smart Home Security System

Smart home systems connects to any or all of your and family devices; be those tablets, PCs or smartphones, you are all notified in time.

A more modern take on burglar alarms. Smart Home alarm systems connect a range of security gadgets together via the internet. There are a lot of different options when it comes to smart home security. However, in all cases, a central hub is needed to connect all compatible devices via the Wi-Fi network.

Once you have the primary system in place, more wireless elements can be added to your smart alarm depending on the chosen system, such as motion detectors, video doorbell camera systems, CCTV cameras, or even remote-controllable sockets that allow you to switch your lights on or off from a remote location.

  • Alerts when away from home. It can be monitored and controlled from a smartphone. Fully wireless system. A variety of add-ons can be included to maximise your security system.
  • Not all Smart Home security systems are a deterrent as it depends on the components included and their locations. Furthermore, add-ons can ramp up the price of your system. The alarm system is also reliant on a wireless Wi-Fi connection which can sometimes be unreliable.

If you are interested in taking your home security to the next level, consider installing CCTV cameras. At MCFP we also specialise in CCTV installation.

4. Intruder Alarm Monitoring Contracts

If you want even more peace of mind that any problem at your home or office will be dealt with, you could consider getting an intruder alarm with a monitoring contract.

Intruder alarm monitoring contracts involve professional monitoring from a third-party security company. Two of the most common types of contract monitoring are the police fast response and key holder systems. These alarm systems notify either the police or a designated key holder when the security alarm is triggered.

  • A dedicated company is on hand to take action if there is a problem at your home. Some contracts trigger a fast police response for maximum safety and security.
  • Yearly or monthly fees can be expensive and may not be ideal for some people.

Take a look at our blog The Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System for more information about alarm monitoring contracts.

Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarm Installation

Installing an intruder alarm, no matter what type, always helps in deterring burglars. Whether you are looking to set up a full home security system, install a new burglar alarm, or need help with your current home security system, MCFP can help.
A qualified engineer will visit your premises and assess your requirements. This is a free and confidential service with no high-pressure sales. Once your survey is complete, an intruder alarm system is designed and tailored to meet your requirements – complying with all the current industry standards – and then competitively priced for you.

Our engineers will complete the installation as quickly as possible to ensure that your alarms are up and running in no time – protecting you, your loved ones and your belongings.

Intruder Alarm System Maintenance

Not only can MCFP engineers design and install your security system, but they can also carry out vital maintenance on your alarm and control panels. Once the intruder alarm is installed, our service department ensures the continual running of your system, from routine servicing and maintenance to breakdown response (we will respond 24 hours a day).
As an NSI Gold accredited company MC Fire Protection (MCFP) design, install and maintain electronic security systems to a consistently high standard. Having achieved BS EN ISO 9001;2008 we continually strive for improvement in our business processes and customer satisfaction.

Security - Not Just for Your Home

Whilst it’s important to protect your home from an intruder, businesses and workplaces are just as important to secure. At MCFP we’re not just experts in installing home security systems, we can also install a top-of-the-range security system at your business or workplace.

Installing a security alarm system should be a top priority in your business workplace – whether you wish to install security cameras, a smart alarm, motion sensors, intruder alarms or a high-tech CCTV system. Businesses contain lots of valuable equipment that thieves would love to get their hands on. Protect yours today by arranging your intruder alarm installation.

A Security System Designed Especially for You

When you protect your home or business with MCFP, you are guaranteed to have a high-quality, personalised alarm system installed at a competitive price.

One of our friendly, qualified engineers will design a security system that suits your every need and install it in no time with our efficient installation process. MCFP also carry out necessary maintenance on your alarm system to ensure that your alarms are always up to scratch.

Don’t risk a dodgy DIY installation – let our experts conduct a high-quality, professional installation for you.

If you would like more information about our services, simply contact us today.

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